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My name is Candice Allen CEO of J & C Logistics LLC, I utilized Ms. Randle’s coaching program for establishing my new trucking business. With Ms. Randle’s help we laid out an aggressive business plan that I was able to complete and start my business ahead of goal.

I found Ms. Randle to be dedicated and focused on our needs, providing J&C Logistics with valuable information regarding new business startup.  We received help coaching in strategic goal setting and planning for our new trucking business.  

With the support of Ms. Randle, you will work together with one common goal – to make better business, company or family decisions.

Candice M. Allen
J&C Logistics LLC

I have known Deanna for 13 years. When I first met her I, was a single mom with little resources, looking for care for my six week old daughter, in order, to go back to work. In spite of being six months pregnant, she took in my daughter. She watched my daughter over the years while I worked and went to nursing school. She has mentored and encouraged me through the years in business, education, parenting and life. She holds me accountable and pushes me to be the best version of myself. She does it in a way that is genuine. She is a mentor, teacher and encourager. It seeps into every relationship and every area of her life. My daughter is strong willed and responds well to clear boundaries.


Deanna provided those and trained her staff to do the same. She loves her students/ children for who they are and encourages them to do their best. Deanna is knowledgeable about resources for parents, businesses and teachers. The daycare centers she has ran flourished under her leadership. She turned them into a community, hosting events that brought people in from the neighborhood (community garden and fall festival). Her zeal for life is infectious. I am so grateful to have met her. I would not be the wife, mother, nurse, or person I am today otherwise.

Crystal Stephenson
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