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Individual Customized Tutoring Services & Summer Programming

  • Kings Kids EELC will provide multi-day/week tutoring sessions designed to support identified, struggling students attain grade-appropriate reading and math levels.

  • Kings Kids EELC will administer diagnostics and ongoing assessments to determine strengths and learning gaps. These assessments will vary based on the age and academic level of the child.

  • Kings Kids EELC will develop and deliver differentiated, personal instruction in effort to build students' core prerequisite content knowledge, enabling them to access grade-level material and progress in their core classroom.

  • Kings Kids EELC will align with students' coursework through ongoing communication with the classroom teacher and school administrators. This communication will be done either in-person, virtually or via email.

  • Kings Kids EELC will use research-based and standards-aligned lesson content in the areas of English, Language Arts / Reading and Math. All Tutors will have access to, and are expected to follow the North Carolina state standards for each grade level they are servicing.

  • Kings Kids EELC will report weekly to the classroom teacher and school administration regarding progress, planning, concerns and collaborative needs.

  • Kings Kids EELC will assist in maintaining student and family engagement by providing a choice-based set of summer programs available to identified students. This program will address continuing academic support needs related to learning loss during the Pandemic.

  • Kings Kids EELC intends to provide a fun and learning way for students to learn English Language Arts / Reading, Math instruction and STEAM-based programs.

  • Kings Kids EELC will help students build strategies that will transfer to classroom achievement and engagement.

  • All Tutors are required to:

    • Be at least 16 years of age

    • Complete at least two (2) hours of technical training annually

    • Successfully pass a criminal background check

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