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Parent Education and Parenting Classes

Kings Kids EELC will: 

  • Kings Kids EELC will focus on the 7 Qualities of Parenting that will empower you to parent effectively.

  • Kings Kids EELC will offer the following Qualities of Parenting topics:

  1. Proactive Parenting​

  2. Intentional Parenting

  3. Firm yet Flexible Parenting

  4. Parenting through Planning

  5. Parenting through Leadership

  6. Parenting through Role Modeling

  7. Insuring you are a Parent Confidante

  • Kings Kids EELC will provide parent coaching for:

    • Virtual, one-on-one sessions

    • Interactive, topic-specific small group informational sessions

  • Kings Kids EELC will be available for parents to reach via text and email during non-sessional practices

  • Kings Kids EELC will provide in-person coaching and parent liaison sessions for an additional fee. Liaison meetings, where the parent(s) and the children are each present, include:

    • Home visits

    • School visits

    • Community-based visits

      • Churches ​

      • Libraries

      • Court rooms

  • Kings Kids EELC will offer parenting services that can be utilized by community programs or by private individuals looking for family support

  • Kings Kids EELC Leadership Team will provide associations and/or individuals with systematic and/or handwritten documentation of attendance and program completion

  • Kings Kids EELC will Leadership Team will provide references and/or character statement letters for all individuals that complete the 7 Qualities of Parenting program

  • All Parent Liaisons will undergo a criminal record check that will be provided before any in-person visits are scheduled

  • All Parent Liaisons must demonstrate and exhibit accomplished parenting or guardianship experiences with their own children

  • All Parent Liaisons will complete "The Effective Coach" training before leading any virtual or in-person parenting sessions

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